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" From: Romain Dolbeau <romain at dolbeau.org>
" 2015-11-22 4:06 GMT+01:00 Eddie Cottongim <jcotton at intergate.net>:
" > Out of curiosity, when Linux/Solaris etc dropped support for sun4m/sun4c,
" > is it because there was something inconvenient about the architecture that
" > they wanted to get rid of
" Probably. SPARC V7 (all sun4, sun4c & the 600MP with SM100 modules) doesn't
" have integer multiply/divide instructions, which were added in SPARC V8.
" Supporting V7 means you can't use those in libraries & binary software, or
" you need two versions which is cumbersome. For some software the more
" efficient integer instructions are a boon (some cryptographic algorithms
" come to mind).
" Then V8 (all sun4m but the SM100 modules)  was 32 bits only and didn't have
" more sophisticated instructions for synchronization (it's missing
" compare-and-swap for instance). SPARC V9 has them in 64 bits and in the 32
" bits "V8plus" mode, plus some additional stuff like better condition
" registers.
" By the time Solaris 10 came out, even x86 had moved to 64 bits (all the
" surviving RISC architectures but ARM had moved to 64 bits in the 90s, or
" started as 64 bits like Alpha). Supporting 32 bits didn't make much sense
" in servers or even desktop (or deskside :-) then.

also, older machines age out of even extended support and sun [oracle]
is no longer obliged to provide for them.

some times you get lucky.  late-model creator and elite fbs came out
after u1 support ended, hence not tested and thus not supported - but
the u1 runs flavors of solaris which added drivers for them, so they
do in fact work in u1s.
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