[rescue] SS10 Accessories

Eddie Cottongim jcotton at intergate.net
Sat Nov 21 21:06:32 CST 2015

Thanks for all the input. I was, after many attempts, finally able to 
net-boot my SS10 tonight.

Mostly this setup will just be for experimentation. I do want to try 
some optimization tricks on it and see what kind of performance I can 
get. Also, reading about GX/TGX framebuffers, they seem to have some 
mysterious 3D capability that was never documented and rarely used (even 
by Sun). I'd like to play around with that.

Out of curiosity, when Linux/Solaris etc dropped support for 
sun4m/sun4c, is it because there was something inconvenient about the 
architecture that they wanted to get rid of, or is it a case of not 
having time/equipment to test it, so they dropped support, but it might 
still work?

A few notes on hardware:
I happen to have an Iiyama 19" CRT which can do odd video resolutions, 
but more importantly it has BNC inputs which I hope will provide nice 
quality video.
I think having a real CD drive around is very useful (the net-boot 
worked, but it took days to figure it out). It looks like SCSI CD/DVD 
ROMs are available on ebay, so I may go for one of those once I find an 


Hauke Fath wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Nov 2015 15:47:14 +0100, Romain Dolbeau wrote:
>>> ISTR that SunOS 2.8 was the last release to support sun4m?
>> Solaris 2.8 (SunOS 5.8) was the last for sun4d, and 2.9 was the last for
>> sun4m.
> I stand corrected.
> Back then, I ran an ss10 under SunOS 2.7 and 2.8 for a few years
> because of its ISDN interface. When I didn't need that anymore, I
> switched to NetBSD, so the box never saw 2.9. It was replaced as my
> main home server a few years ago (the grid bill...), but is still
> sitting in a box somewhere here.
> Cheerio,
> hauke
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