[rescue] Systems available

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Fri Nov 20 05:05:37 CST 2015

Hi All

After 20+ years trading in second user Sun parts, we have decided to
(hopefully) stop working full time from the coming April and at some point
after that sell up the house and move to somewhere smaller, so.....

I need to move along a bunch of my stock which will not be coming with me. I
thought it better to start now rather than a mad panic at the end. I guess a
bunch will go into the trade and I will get some money back for it, but there
are some (mainly old) kit which I suspect no one wants other than enthusiasts
like the folk on this list.

We are based near Newark, Notts in the UK. I am happy to ship worldwide if the
you are happy to pay for (or arrange it yourself) the shipping. I am also
happy for personal collections if you wish.

My aim is to sort out parts and systems as we go along and post here,
generally first come first served as they say, and happy to store up until
next April, after that it may end up at the scrap man depending on our

So onto what I have as a starter for 10....

I acquired  a few Sparcserver 1000  systems, no disks included, but there are
motherboards, some CPUs  (60Mhz from memory) and a little bit of memory.

I am offering 2 off Sparcserver 1000 chassis with a few boards, CPU, Memory,

I also have a few W1100Z chassis. complete with CPU, memory, no disk or DVD

I also have various of the old peripheral chassis (411 type), the odd one with
Exabyte in it.

Lastly I have an old M4 data DLT library which was the forerunner of the
Quantum M1500/ Sun L25. This was the reason Quantum bought M4 Data as they
wanted the library.

I have had it for many years, but was bought fully working from ex Quantum
guys in UK and I have never opened the packaging, so a bit of a museum

Please note these are all available FOC, but they are given as unknown status
without warranty, you make of them what you will...

More to come later, if anyone is looking for any specific item, let me know,
some parts I am happy to let go FOC, some will be charged for if they still
have a commercial value.

Peter Stokes
Ashlyn Computer Services
Mbl: 07977 532320

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