[rescue] Solaris IPv6 && Solaris 8 WAS::::::::::::::: Re: SS10 Accessories

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Sun Nov 15 22:28:54 CST 2015

Jumping into this discussion a little late.

Solaris 7 & 8 had IPv6.  As part of the OS.  I still have archived email 
correspondence dating back into the late 1990's from the Sun IPv6 users mailing 
list ( sun-ipv6-users at sunroof.eng.sun.com ) discussing IPv6 issues on Solaris 7.

Also, I had always understood that IPv6 support on Solaris proper began with 
Solaris 2.6, and I was prepared to post that, based on memory from packages I 
used from playground.sun.com.   I went out to the Wayback Machine to document 
thing, (you know how memories are :(  ), and I discovered that the IPv6 protocol 
stack was available from download for usage on Solaris as early as version 2.5. 
   Documented here:



Shifting gears.... Solaris 8-->Solaris 9.   I'm sure we gained something, aside 
from some new hardware drivers.  Seems like the SMC GUI may have been enhanced.

All I really recall in specific, was that we lost Openwin/Openlook, leaving only 


>> Why not go full vintage and run Solaris 8 ? 7 is very old (no ipv6), 9
>> might be a bit heavyweight...
> I always thought of 9 as 8 with subtle improvements.  In particular on
> SS20s and U1s I definitely liked 9 over 8 for being easier to get
> configured the way I wanted and never noticed a performance drop off.
> I speak subjectively there though, I never tried benchmarking both ways.

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