[rescue] SS10 Accessories

Eddie Cottongim eddie_cottongim at cox.net
Wed Nov 11 03:43:20 CST 2015

I'm putting together a Sparcstation 10 system. I always thought the 
hardware was well built, and figured it was getting close to 
now-or-never before stuff gets too hard to find. I'll probably put the 
latest supported flavor of Linux on it, maybe Debian 4.

I have the basic system unit in working order, including a SM51 CPU, 1 
gig hard drive, 2x16 meg memory, and a GX framebuffer.

Things I'm looking to liberate/rescue:
Keyboard, mouse
Additional memory - 64 meg modules are nice
Another SM51, or other CPU upgrades that might come along
TGX framebuffer
External CDROM

I've found many of these things available cheap, but thought I'd see if 
anybody was dumping this kind of stuff before I go on an Ebay spree. 
They do add up.

I would cover shipping within the US, and a little beer money for the 


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