[rescue] The router has arrived

microcode at zoho.com microcode at zoho.com
Sun Nov 8 04:30:12 CST 2015

Ok so today I received a Netgear DGN2200v2 which is a 4 port wireless ADSL
router. I have no idea what speeds it is supposed to be capable of. None of
the doc I downloaded from Netgear mentions anything except for the
wireless. It has an ok web user interface although they expect idiots
running Windows or MacOS to use the pop up Wizard which is thankfully
nowhere to be seen on Linux, etc.

The telco flashed their own modified firmware and hardcoded passwordless
wireless sharing, damn them. They also changed the management subnet from
the factory version but at least that remains the same as the previous
router so it didn't cause any problems.

I don't use wireless (and it was actually not that easy to turn it off for
real)  but I downloaded the latest factory firmware so hopefully I can
reflash it to remove the local B.S. I will have to make a note of all the
user visible settings so I don't brick it when I reflash. Hopefully...

There were a bunch of security holes preconfigured, pretty annoying but not
unexpected. I think I got them all (except for the open wireless default
they baked in- but at least I was able to shut off the WLAN on the front
panel) so now I'm off to read up on the exploits for this box.

Getting a bit more performance than the rated service which is nice after
years of not getting it. And the problem of the flashing light on the switch
is gone.

Was finally able to see Dave's museum pics. Awesome! Wow, that's a gigantic
space with tons and tons of the best stuff!

15Mbps... I don't even know what to do with all that power. I'm waiting for
Solaris 10 Update 12 so I have something to download.

Thanks guys.


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