[rescue] PF question - WAS::::::::::::::Re Good SOHO router for ASDL?

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Thu Nov 5 01:34:28 CST 2015

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for the comment.

Without a doubt, the problem I have with the "last match wins" is more a mental 
block thing with me, vs suggesting that there might be anything wrong with the 
default behaviorism.

Stubborn headed-ness on my part, due to years and years of writing access list 
on Cisco routers, and similar rules on PIX & ASA devices in a top-down style 
have undoubtedly left me in the rut I am in today.   :)


On 11/ 4/15 06:09 PM, Andrew M Hoerter wrote:

> As was mentioned, 'quick' works equivalently in pf.  But I think you'll find
> that "last match wins" is a more idiomatic, and perhaps more understandable,
> style of writing pf rulesets once you get used to it. It's common to begin with
> a default block rule followed by explicit pass rules, and that's the usual
> construction you'll see in the OpenBSD FAQ.
> quick has its place (no point evaluating the entire ruleset for totally invalid
> packets, etc), but I've been able to shorten many complex rulesets by getting
> rid of it where appropriate.
> Just a suggestion.
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