[rescue] Good SOHO router for ASDL? (was: what is this traffic?)

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Wed Nov 4 14:44:54 CST 2015

ons 2015-11-04 klockan 13:10 -0500 skrev J. Alexander Jacocks:

> How do you all feel about running unsupported (i.e. vendor no longer
> provides updates) hardware, even of good quality, on Internet-
> connected
> networks?B B I had an older (admittedly consumer-grade) firewall
> penetrated
> no too long ago, and it has made me unwilling to run any firewall
> that is
> not actively patched.B B So, pfSense is my choice, at the moment.

My thinking on this :
My ADSL:modem has multiple rather nice holes - so good so that crackers
B has been known to install tshark on the modem/router.

This modem is less than five years old now but the hole has been known
the last two years. The manufacturer and its customer (the ADSL
provider) hasn't been interested in fixing the holes instead after the
whole nastiness went kaboom in the press, they choose to dumb down the
They disabled the ability to program PAT (in reality disabled the
config web-thingy.)

Do i believe that the next generation of modems will be better ...
roffffdhafhdklasdfhjklsdajflkdjalkdsfjklasdjfklsda B haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The modem is now dumbed down into being a bridge.

My take on this is :
consumer network eq = no security updates

security hole == don't you want a new (another type) modem ....

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