[rescue] Good SOHO router for ASDL? (was: what is this traffic?)

Mark Brown sunrescue1 at marknmel.com
Wed Nov 4 09:57:15 CST 2015

On 11/4/2015 10:02 AM, Doug McIntyre wrote:
>> Even a basic 2651XM will do what you are asking.... cheap and reliable too.
> A bit underpowered compared to what people expect though. I certainly
> setup my share of them. The ADSL card for the 2600 series isn't any "better"
> than a consumer router. Guess my customers expected so much more for a
> $1000 addon card when they bought them.
I respectfully disagree on that a bit- regarding performance on 2651xm. 
It will route/nat pretty quickly - and has 100 Megabit interfaces.  More 
than most ADSL does still...
A 2611 would be a bit of a slow one.... (10Mb interfaces...)

I agree to the point that the ADSL module is more or less junk these 
days as it only supports ADSL 1 (which is good for about 6 megabit) - I 
never went that way.  I just use the carrier supplied modem and do all 
the heavy lifting (which is really PPPoE+NAT) back on the PIX/router. I 
think I started that about about 11 or 12 years ago when I was getting 
lockups on a GVC/G-Net ADSL-Modem/PPPoE/NAT box. When I dumbed it down - 
it was -way- more reliable....

The modems seldom fail, but when they do - it's generally just the 
wall-wart. I think my Comtrend modem has a HP laptop brick right now. 
:-)   I just replace the modems when I upgrade my circuit every few 
years or so...

I've not had to re-cap any Cisco equipment as of yet.


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