[rescue] Good SOHO router for ASDL? (was: what is this traffic?)

microcode at zoho.com microcode at zoho.com
Wed Nov 4 01:48:47 CST 2015

After two years of finger pointing between the two companies required to get
internet over here they finally sent a guy over and my router is the
problem. That also somewhat explains the problem of why the switch was
showing high traffic.

So, what is a good SOHO router for ADSL? I'd like to have one that can run
up to 100M comfortably PPP/OE that has a good management interface, port
forwarding support, and a reasonable firewall. Don't need many physical
ports since I'm using a switch behing it.

I'm hoping to get a free router from the phone company but if that doesn't
work out I will need to buy one and in that case I won't be buying one from
the telco since their deals usually aren't. I don't have access to most
brands from here but hopefully somebody can suggest a good one that I can
get somehow.


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