[rescue] Two Sun 4/330s, one Sun 4/670MP, and one DEC 3000 AXP Model 800S

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Fri May 29 16:31:17 CDT 2015

On Fri, 29 May 2015, Tom Snodgrass wrote:

> SPARCServer 670MP (4/670) -- The VME chassis Sun4m. The power supply
> doesn't always want to fire up right away and takes a couple of tries
> sometimes. Might be a bad cap or something.

Such a shame that I'm moving house.  This is my all-time favorite 32-bit
SPARC.  They're old-school, comfy to sit on, and sound nice.

> SPARCServer 330 -- Has a 501-1539 IPI-2 controller in it, if that's what
> you're into.

And this model was my first personal SPARC workstation.  I remember the
"fun" that was involved in getting it to use DNS before NIS on SunOS 4.

> DEC 3000 AXP Model 800S. No longer boots, stops at code F0. From what
> I've read this is probably due to a bad IO board.  I tried cleaning and
> reseating everything, and even piggybacked a button cell on the NVRAM,
> but still no dice.  Maybe someone can use some parts out of it.

And one of these was at the table next to my 330 at that same job.... Hmm,
did you happen to get all these machines from a guy named Ted about 14
years ago?  :)

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