[rescue] Best wishes to all Texans

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Thu May 28 09:52:37 CDT 2015

> We are outside Dallas, in a town called Irving where small earthquakes have
> become the norm it seems - nothing too significant yet, but we occasionally
> have an earthquake just above a 3.0 on the Richter scale, big enough to really
> get your attention, but not enough to knock over pictures.

I know where Irving is. I had the good fortune to live in Texas for almost
10 years. I was down around Houston for a while then northwest of the city
about 2 hours from Austin. I don't miss the weather back there but that's
about all I don't miss. Everything else is as good as it gets. I was happy
to hear you moved and I hope you are doing well over there. Big change from

> We've had some tiny tornadoes recently also, again, nothing too major where I
> live, though a friend that lives about 30 miles away suffered a direct hit on
> her house. She is doing as well as can be expected.

I heard there were problems near Forth Worth and also down towards
Stephenville too. I suspect the Hill Country members are doing better but
there are rivers and streams everywhere.

> We are fine (for the most part) here in the Dallas Metroplex area, the South
> Texas/Houston area has been much harder hit and could use some help.

Things look really bad over in Houston this time. I remember when I lived
there people were drowned in underground parking from flash floods.
Everything is so low and there is so much water there just isn't any place
for it to go.

Where I lived before I left I was up fairly high but during bad storms our
little area could be holed up for a few days or usually had only one way
(the long way of course) to get to town. We kept the pantry full and had
well water.

Hang in there. The rest of being in Texas makes it worthwhile!

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