[rescue] Memory upgrade in Dell PowerEdge 2560

Chad Fernandez chad.fernandez at att.net
Tue May 26 20:22:08 CDT 2015

On 05/26/2015 09:00 PM, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> It's hard to remember memory can go bad... I've only seen 'bad' (broken)
> memory twice since I started with computers back in 1980... Always a surprise
> when it happens.
> You can send back a big pile of memory for less than $10 USPS priority mail...
> If your return results in 12 Gig for your server at a cost of $10 more than
> 'purchased cheaply' it's likely still a deal.
> What kind of warranty did the seller offer?
> Good luck,
> Lionel

".....pulled from a working unit and is guaranteed working. Item is 
offered with a NON-DOA WARRANTY"

They're a big scrapper/part-reseller, so I'm a bit concerned it's just 
to make purchasers feel good, and then when something does go wrong, 
they make it so that the "return" simply isn't worth it monetarily.  I 
only paid $25, but I don't have a lot to spare, and certainly not any 
money to spend on something that simply doesn't work at all.  Maybe I'm 
just in a bad mood since I really wanted this to work.  I just sent them 
a message explaining things.

The Centos 6.6 install CD has memtest86+ on it.  I ran it, with the 
"good" 2gb, and it doesn't get very far before it hangs...... no further 
progress, no keyboard response.  The Wikipedia article mentions that 
hangs can be caused by CPU and motherboard issues. However, I would 
think if that were my situation all 8 sticks would behave the same way, 
but the other seven don't get that far.  Centos 6.6 boots and runs fine 
as far as I can tell.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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