[rescue] Wanted: Sun 3D graphics accelerators

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Wed May 20 03:37:10 CDT 2015

Hi Richard

On 19 May 2015, at 17:04, Richard <legalize at xmission.com> wrote:

> In article <A209CE53-EE91-45F6-99AD-2161BD686374 at ashlyn.co.uk>,
>    Peter Stokes <peter at ashlyn.co.uk> writes:
>> I know I have some of the Creator 3D/Elite 3D M3 and M6/Expert 3D cards.
>> of these are UPA so are used in Blade 1000/2000 Ultra 30/60/80.
> What year were these introduced?

Ultra 60 etc was around 97

Blade 1000 was around 2000

>> I also may
>> have the odd Creator 3D for the Ultra 1/2. I do not think I have any of
>> early ones for the SS20 etc as they tend to be rare and probably expensive
>> unless you happen across one. I know the last GS (for the SS2?) cost me
>> and that was many years ago.
>> I believe that I have some software to use with them, would have to check.
> In particular I'm interested in seeing these systems run using
> SunPHIGS and I think they had their own proprietary 3D graphics API,
> whose name escapes me at the moment.  X3D maybe?

No idea personally, will have a dig and see if I can find any more info.


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