[rescue] 4x1GB FB DDR2 available, searching for plain DDR2

Scott Newell newell+rescue at n5tnl.com
Tue May 19 12:37:17 CDT 2015

Pulled from a Dell Precision 490. 4 sticks of Hynix 1GB 2Rx8 
PC2-4200F-444-11, HYMP512B72BP8N2-C4. Was working, but I can no 
longer test (the mobo died). I think it's even ECC! If anyone in the 
US can use it, let me know off-list.

We have several Optiplex 745 desktops that could use a bit more ram, 
if anyone has some scrap floating around. I think they take plain old 
non-ECC DDR2.

newell  N5TNL

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