[rescue] Wanted: Sun 3D graphics accelerators

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Mon May 18 16:05:07 CDT 2015

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> Any examples, I have various systems here and cards and various software, let
> me know what sort of thing you are after?

Umm... everything? LOL

Well, I have a GT, but everyone pretty much agrees that it's crap :-).

Searching computerworld/infoworld issues on google books turns up a
bunch of hits.

1987: CXP line of workstations from Sun
1987: GX4000 accelerators from Raster Graphics
1989: "Sun Attempts to Position GX, GXP In the 3-D Market"
1989: "Sun kicks off 386I graphics board" (GXI)
1990: Solbourne SPARC clone w/SGA40 and SGS50 accelerators
1990: VX and MVX accelerators
1991: Sun sells unit that makes VX and MVX, keeping GX, GXplus, GS and GT
1992: Freedom Series (E&S accelerator for Sun, DEC & HP)
1993: SPARCstation 10 ZX "High-end 3-D graphics"
...and so-on

How many of these are true 3D acceleration, I don't know except for
Freedom Series as I worked at E&S at the time.

There were a bunch more in the 1990s that didn't necessarily hit the
pages of those trade rags.  They had names that I can't remember now,
but would recognize if I saw them.  It seems that "Creator 3D" was one
and so was "Expert 3D".
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