[rescue] Free to good home: Sun hardware and OS media

Matt Pickering mpickering at mindspring.com
Mon May 18 11:13:01 CDT 2015


After many years in storage I am looking to find a new home for my stack of Sun hardware.  It's a fair bit but here's an incomplete list:

3 Sparcstation 10s (all fully loaded in various configurations)
1 Sparcstation 5 (100Mhz version)
1 Sparcstation 20 (fully loaded)
Ultra 2 (badged as a Netra, 2 CPUs, 2 drives, maxed out memory)
Ultra 5
2 Sun Netra X1s
2 Sun Netras T1s
Solaris media kits from V7 through V10 in original boxes
A bin full of various capacity SCA and SCSI drives (Around 30-40 drives)
A bin full of drive cabling, video cables, memory for the Sparcstations, MBus and SBus cards.  Enough hardware to do a variety of configurations.
2 half-height drive enclosurs
2 CD-ROM enclosures
1 Sun drive array
1 Tape drive
1 Sun LCD monitor

Too much to provide an off-the-top-of-my-head inventory.  It was all functional but I haven't powered it up in several years.  Stored in a cool, dry location.

If there is interest I can provide more complete part numbers or specific details.  I'd prefer it go to one home rather than part it out.  Don't bother asking me to ship anything especially overseas as it will cost a fortune.

Kit is local to the Metro DC area but will deliver within reason in a 3-4 hour radius centered on Washington DC.

E-mail if interested.  Will provided contact information privately to interested parties.  I will also be posting this on the Metro DC area Craigslist with photos of the stack.


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