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Mon May 18 00:56:09 CDT 2015

I have worked on a lot of old code so I understand some of the issues and I
really enjoy this kind of thing anyway. I don't know specifically about f77
because I missed that (went from FORTRAN IV to F95) and haven't written or
worked on much Fortran compared to the stuff I usually work on. But I have
heard that upgrading f77 is especially difficult because every vendor seems
to have had its own extensions and programmers were said to have used every
last one of them.

It sounds like a fun project if you don't have to move it from compiler to
compiler. Now that it looks like keeping the old compiler around isn't going
to be that easy maybe it's time to get it portable once and for all and
not have to worry about going through this again. Try to make sure all your
code is portable and look into what resources and people can help with that
if you have questions. Most of all remember gfortran will do it to you all
over again if you don't look out- the default is to accept gfortranisms just
like gcc accepts gccisms. Don't do that! Get a few compilers and build your
projects on all of them to make sure there aren't any toolchain dependencies.

Good luck and have fun!

On Sun, May 17, 2015 at 09:26:50PM -0500, George Wyche wrote:
> Thanks for thinking about this.
> I have been down those roads. So far about 1/3 of the code will compile
> and operate as it has historically (but only after making
> more-than-a-couple mechanical changes to each file).
> This marriedness I mentioned was pretty deep. I don't care to go on a
> rant. I am seriously thinking of declaring the Solaris version
> dead-dead-dead and press on with the debian GNU version. My pride is
> wrapped up in still being able to compile the old code for minor changes.
> $ are not involved (anymore).
> George
> > On 17 May 2015 at 16:12, George Wyche <g at cjwyche.org> wrote (in part):
> >> Those 3 programs are *SO* married to the unix + Solaris f77 +
> >> extensions. I had no appreciation of just how married until I undertook
> the conversion to modern fortran.
> > Solaris 10 has /bin/f77 with the following extract from its man page:
> >      Sun[tm] Studio software no longer includes a separate FOR-
> >      TRAN 77 compiler, f77. Recent releases migrated many FORTRAN 77
> features into the Fortran 95 compiler, f95. Much of the
> >      functionality of the f77 compiler is now available with the Fortran
> 95 compiler.
> >      With current Sun Studio compiler releases, the f77 command
> >      calls the f95 compiler with an appropriate set of defaults:
> >            f95 -f77 -ftrap=%none
> > Have you tried compiling under Solaris 10?
> > N.
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