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George Wyche g at cjwyche.org
Sun May 17 21:17:10 CDT 2015

Yep. This code is/was really,really married to the real f77 compiler.
Believe me, I fully expected to be able to make run a "converter" for
structure parts, a few name changes, use the f77 switch, and be nearly

This code gamed the compiler to get the functionality to match its pdp11
assembly language core. Once that was accomplished it was "Nelly, bar the
door!". I struggled to carve the code in such a way that the non-Fortran
spirit code would be isolated.

I came to see that the trouble I was going through was so anti-Fortran
that I couldn't see spending my life blood kludging.

It was written a couple programmers much smarter than me. Few comments, no
QA, a manual that left out half of what the programs could do, examples
that didn't work. There is evidence of 3 layers as improved notions of how
to do things got a (non-rigid) API. The "If its not broke, don't touch it"
was employed so any idea of how it was supposed to work cannot be
universally applied. You have to know the code well enough to recognize
which layer it was written in.

There's more. Only naive

> On 17 May 2015 at 16:12, George Wyche <g at cjwyche.org> wrote (in part):
>> Those 3 programs are *SO* married to the unix + Solaris f77 +
>> extensions. I had no appreciation of just how married until I undertook
>> the conversion to modern fortran.
> Solaris 10 has /bin/f77 with the following extract from its man page:
>      Sun[tm] Studio software no longer includes a separate FOR-
>      TRAN 77 compiler, f77. Recent releases migrated many FORTRAN
>      77 features into the Fortran 95 compiler, f95. Much of the
>      functionality of the f77 compiler is now available with the
>      Fortran 95 compiler.
>      With current Sun Studio compiler releases, the f77 command
>      calls the f95 compiler with an appropriate set of defaults:
>            f95 -f77 -ftrap=%none
> Have you tried compiling under Solaris 10?
> N.
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