[rescue] UUCP network

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Sun May 17 20:54:58 CDT 2015

On 05/17/2015 18:24, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On 05/17/2015 09:16 PM, Andrew M Hoerter wrote:
>> It would be interesting to know if any non-hobbyist UUCP networks
>> remain.  Last I heard (some years ago), store-and-forward dialup was
>> still used in some lesser developed countries, but I'd guess wireless
>> has almost entirely pushed it aside by now.
>> I shut down my UUCP node in the early 2000's, and by then it was almost
>> entirely dead in my area.
>    UUCP, not much, but Usenet is alive and well.  I suppose it'd be good
> to define where the the interest lies.

Well on the hobbyist side, everybody's aware of UUHECNET? 
(http://www.uuhec.net/about/)  Because I wasn't, but that's the only 
thing my Google-fu could turn up. Confirmed it's still toddling along 
with one of the inmates-- er, participants. ;^)

I noticed before that the UUCP Mapping Project had shut down pretty 
fast, late 2000 according to Wikipedia. But if UUHECNET were to catch on 
by some prodigious feat of sheer bloody-mindedness, the folks who 
wrapped up the Project included a reference to all the RFCs that dealt 
with pathalias and the mapping system in a doc that at least made it as 
far as an IETF Internet Draft:


You'd probably want to revive the mapping service if this got much 
beyond a central hub model.


PS - Ask me mid-June if I have cycles to contribute some of that 

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