[rescue] ultra 1 power supply question

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Sun May 17 17:49:43 CDT 2015

> Do any of you know if that is sufficient to condemn the power supply? For
> instance I would get a bit further even if any of the power supply outputs
> were being shorted?

Electrolytic capacitors dry out.

It's been a while with Suns for me. I assume the power button is a soft 
button and not a hard switch. If this is the case perhaps the power 
supply's ability to provide the power to the circuitry for the soft power 
on is dead.

There are instructions for the capacitors that go bad on SGI Indigo2 power 
supplies floating around out there. I'd imagine a similar thing is going 
to happen to all of these older systems soon enough.

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