[rescue] ultra 1 power supply question

George Wyche g at cjwyche.org
Sun May 17 15:12:58 CDT 2015

Thanks microcode,
  Those 3 programs are *SO* married to the unix + Solaris f77 +
extensions. I had no appreciation of just how married until I undertook
the conversion to modern fortran. I am not desperate to have f77, I just
late to lose a security blanket, I guess.

The code (svn repositories) is elsewhere. The code is being reformulated
on a debian box with the latest flavor of the always a little  behind
gfortran in my spare time.

Thanks again. I did first meet this code in the late 80s on a VAX. So I
know where of you speak. It is hard to believe (and accept that) this code
is worth anything at all.

> On Sun, May 17, 2015 at 12:19:26PM -0500, George Wyche wrote:
>> Nothing happens when I press the switch to "1".
>> I've used this Ultra 1 because of its f77 compiler that is married to it
>> as per a license we had with Sun back in 1996: 1 user at a time on that
>> workstation. So now that I have been porting away 3 fortran programs to
>> maintainable Fortran, I only turn the Ultra on every few months. All
>> with
>> no problem. We even upgraded the OS to 8 about 10 years ago. All good.
>> This morning (to use that f77 compiler) I tried to turn it on. Nothing.
>> The 2 power supply fans do not turn. 120VAC does arrive at the power
>> connector.
>> Do any of you know if that is sufficient to condemn the power supply?
>> For
>> instance I would get a bit further even if any of the power supply
>> outputs
>> were being shorted?
>> Power supplies are still (it seems) available for like $25 before tax &
>> shipping which is what I expect to buy if this email comes to nothing.
>> ------------------
>> I shudder to think what any correspondence with Oracle would be about
>> transferring that license to one of the sunblades I have. Any advice
>> about
>> that?
>> George Wyche
> I can't answer the Ultra hardware issue but as far as f77 compilers go I
> can
> make a few possibly bizarre but "that's so crazy it just might work" type
> of
> suggestions if you are not married to Sun's F77 extensions and if you can
> get your code off the box somehow (read the disk from another box etc.)
> You could get a VAX/VMS hobbyist license and install VMS on simh vax. VMS
> had one of the top f77 compilers back in the day and it's just as good now
> as ever thanks to HP's VMS Hobbyist program and it comes with the base
> install. VMS Fortran almost certainly was the king of f77 extensions so
> hopefully anything Sun supported is also supported on VMS Fortran. You
> might
> also be able to find a list member or other pal who would let you into his
> emulated or real VAX/VMS system and be able to avoid setting this up if it
> isn't your thing.
> Probably easier and less arcane is to install a copy of OpenBSD and use
> the
> gnu f77 compiler they still provide through binary packages or the ports
> tree.
> The source for gnu f77 is available so if you are the kind of person who
> doesn't mind and can build gcc then you could probably get a copy of their
> f77 on whatever you have lying around.
> As you probably know, Sun and most of the compiler vendors still do have
> some amount of so-called F77 compatability so the other option might be
> using the same toolchain you're porting to to build the old code as you
> go. But I guess if that was an option for your particular code you would
> have known that already.
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