[rescue] Sparcstation 2 OBP password recovery

Arno Kletzander Arno_1983 at gmx.de
Wed May 13 16:03:05 CDT 2015

Mouse <mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG> wrote:

> (2) Remove the NVRAM and replug it live.  Downside: somewhat
> hair-raising.
> (...)
> I've never dared try (2) and haven't considered (1) worth the expense
> and bother, and I don't have the equipment for (5).

I can't remember for sure what kind of machine this was on (I keep 
thinking it was a lunchbox, probably a Classic, but might also have been 
an Ultra 1) but for lack of other possibilities, I have done that very
NVRAM live replug procedure once successfully (removed the password) and
without collateral damage (didn't let out magic smoke).

I think what you were supposed to do (and what I did) was to turn on 
power to the machine with the chip _already removed_, and reseat it 
once you had the OBP prompt.

So long,

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