[rescue] Sparcstation 2 OBP password recovery

Glen Hermannsfeldt (Contractor) C-GlenH at LivingComputerMuseum.org
Tue May 12 12:51:25 CDT 2015


>> Hoping that someone has a pointer to a SS 2 OBP passwd recovery page.

>    I had to do this on an Ultra 10.  While I don't remember the exact
details of the procedure, basically it was:

> 1. Pull the cover.

> 2. Power on the machine until the video starts, then (quickly and
>     carefully) pull the NVRAM chip to get control.

> 3. After the machine is halted, (carefully) reinstall the NVRAM and run
>    'set-defaults'.

I presume the password is stored in the NVRAM.

Most of my machines that old need a new NVRAM by now, but otherwise this
probably works.
If not, it probably needs a new one, anyway.

You could also find another machine that can write the NVRAM and change the
password bits.

-- glen

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