[rescue] DLT Tape Drive?

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Fri May 1 21:04:42 CDT 2015

Hey all,

I have a working HVD DLT-7000 tape drive to hang off the SC-40 (thanks to 
a DOA drive off ebay I made that external).

However...I'd like to have a companion drive to hang off my HVD/LVD drive 
imaging box (with its 3, soon 4. 2 HVD, 2 LVD/SE SCSI controllers).

So...anyone have a DLT-7000 LVD drive that works/any LVD SCSI tape 
drive that'll read/write DLT IV tapes?

My Exabyte is only LVD, and my DAT drives are either non-working or LVD.


Anyone need some LVD DLT-7000 parts as an exchange?  I've got a pile going 

Cory Smelosky
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