[rescue] "In My Way", 2015 Edition

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Mon Mar 30 17:45:30 CDT 2015

It's time for me to part with so many of the computers I don't use
anymore to make space for my other projects.

All items are in 78621 (Elgin, TX).  I'll deliver within 100 miles or so,
probably no sooner than next Monday.

Unless otherwise stated, they're all available gratis, provided you're
either nearby or will pay reasonable packing and shipping costs, but I
won't turn down cash for the systems if you're feeling generous.

If you'd rather offer something in trage, I could really use some LC-LC
multimode fiber cables (1 - 3 meter) or a known-good Commodore 1541 or
1571 disk drive (with cable).  I wouldn't turn down a Commodore 128 or 64,
either; I do enjoy the sounds of the SID.

If you really want one of the Ultras below but a flat NVRAM would be a
deal-breaker for you, I can fit it with a coin-cell holder and a CR2032 in
exchange for a little tip towards my time and materials (It's about $5 in
parts and about 15 minutes of work unless I screw up and pick one of the
second-sourced packages with a funky layout).

If you want an SGI system but do not have IRIX media, I think I have at
least three full sets of 6.5.mumble, plus 5.3, 6.2, 6.3, and other crap
you'd probably not want to run. :)

Sun Systems (most will need to be picked up or delivered):
         An Ultra Enterprise 3000 with five 250MHz CPUs, 4.5GB memory,
         an 18GB disk and a pair of 73GB disks, an Ex500-series I/O board
         with FC, FDDI, and CG6 sbus cards.  I just replaced all the NVRAM
         batteries in this guy (adding coin-cell holders), so it's good to
         go for a while.  There's a sixth CPU, but it faults the node board
         it lived on; maybe the pins or pads are oxidized, but it's sitting
         outside the unit now.  I would appreciate some amount of cash for
         this box, but it's in the way, really.

         An Ultra 80 workstation, fully configured with 4 x 450MHz CPUs,
         4GB memory, a 18GB boot disk, a 73GB disk, and XVR-600 graphics
         (not a Sun-supported configuration, but works well).  I've also
         just replaced the NVRAM battery in this box.  Cash would be
         appreciated, since I (stupidly) spent a bit of money acquiring all
         the bits to maximize this system's configuration.

         A Cycle-520.  Don't know what a Cycle-520 is?  It's most of an
         Ultra 10 in a SPARCstation 5/20 chassis.  Weird, huh?!  It didn't
         start up the last time I tried it.

         An Ultra-5.  Yawn.

         An Ultra-2, probably with dual 300MHz CPUs and as much RAM as I
         could fit in there.

         An Ultra-1E, no idea about what's in it, but I could check.

         An Ultra-1, no idea about what's in it, but I could check.

         An SPARCstation-10, also a SPARCstation-5, and a SPARCstation-2,
         and probably one of every other pizza-box 32-bit SPARC Sun made.

         A Ross SPARCplug, the cutest SPARC you've ever seen, if you'll
         forgive its single sbus and mbus slots.  It's in an ugly PC-style
         case that Ross shipped it in if you didn't intend to put it into a
         bigger, uglier PC.

         A SPARCclassic.

         More Sun 200-pin memory than any sane human has call for.
         Seriously, I'm running out of boxes for it.  Most of it is
         untested because I don't have an adapter for $ork's DIMM tester,
         and SunVTS takes forever (to say nothing of the knuckle-busting
         task of swapping sticks over and over without killing the slot).

         Additionally, an unexpected handful of Ultra 5/10/AXi memory.

SGI Systems and Parts:
         An IP24.  Your choice of Indy or Challenge-S.  If I have enough
         parts to build up both plus keep my personal Indy alive, both the
         Indy and Challenge-S are available!  Figure on entry (XL8)
         graphics; it may be XL24, but I don't remember.

         An R5000 O2 with analog video I/O, 128MB of memory, and an 18GB
         disk.  I'll happily verify the condition and configuration if
         someone's interested in it.

         An R10k 225MHz Octane with (what looks like) 1GB of memory, a PCI
         card cage with Qlogic FC, either MXI or MXE graphics, analog video
         I/O, a 73GB boot disk, and two 300GB disks.  I'll happily verify
         the condition and configuration if someone's interested in it.
         This machine worked when I last used it in late 2012.

         An R10k 195MHz CPU for Octane.

         An R10k 195MHz CPU for Indigo2.

         A power supply for an Indigo2 R10k Impact.

         Several Indigo2 disk sleds, including a CD sled with a drive.

         Lots of purple Indigo2 feet.

         A Octane system board (030-887-004) of unknown status with 512MB
         memory and a single 250MHz CPU.

         An Octane power supply (Lucent)

         An Octane XIO board of unknown status with MXI and SE graphics
         (yes, you can run both *E and *I on the same host).

         A Solid-IMPACT graphics board for Indigo2.

         A Extreme graphics board set for Indigo2.

Apple Stuff
         Enough IIgs parts to build up two or three machines with plenty of
         spares and expanded memory cards.  Keyboards and disk drives might
         be the limiting reagents.

         A pair of Disk ][ drives, maybe a Disk ][ controller, too.

         An Apple IIc+ with monochrome monitor and carrying case.

         A Mac LC 475 and Quadra 605.  Help yourself to one; I'd like to
         keep the other to run an Apple IIe card.  I think I have an '040
         accelerator chip and a processor-direct Ethernet card (which I
         obviously cannot run with the IIe card fitted).

         Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 for OS X/PPC.  These are upgrades,
         but I have media and keys to upgrade them from that I'll include.

         A PowerMacintosh 7300/180 that I've hot-rodded with SCSI and
         Voodoo graphics, complete with CRT, AppleDesign keyboard, and

         A Blue-and-white Macintosh G3 (A-rev logic board) with 640MB
         memory, an 80GB ATA disk, and ATI Rage graphics.

PC Stuff
         Many SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 cards, lots of Intel FXP Ethernet
         cards, some SCSI cards, and plenty of other random I/O cards.

Z80 Stuff
         Two Kaypro-2 systems and a Kaypro-II.  One has a "turbo ROM."  I
         got these in trade for some other stuff and know nothing about

DEC stuff
         A DECstaion 5000/240.  If you're interested, I'll pull up its
         configuration, but I remember that it has the high-density RAM
         modules and (I think) a PMAGB framebuffer.

         A DEC half-rack with a PDP11/23 and an RX02 disk drive.  The RX02
         is worth actual money, but I'm  willing to take a fair bit less
         than the going eBay rate if you show up and make it and its rack
         go away.

         Two giant (7 foot) DEC racks with anti-tip feet and side panels.
         If you're interested, I'll get whatever details that you need, but
         they're the most likely to end up as scrap of everything on this
         list.  They have unthreaded round holes, IIRC.

Jonathan Patschke | "Do the difficult things while they are easy and do
Elgin, TX         |  the great things while they are small."
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