[rescue] ATT 3b2's WAS:::Re: looking for IBM System/36 software

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sat Mar 28 23:35:21 CDT 2015

  Very cool.  Do you remember how to crack the password?  Those sorts of
things generally don't pose much of an obstacle for me, especially in
the UNIX world, but this one is tough.  My next step was to connect the
system disk (it's SCSI) to a NetBSD or Linux box and use a raw sector
editor to zero out the field in /etc/passwd.  That will be a hassle,
however, so if you know of a better way, I'd love to hear it.


On 03/29/2015 12:33 AM, Jerry Kemp wrote:
> definitely.  I administered ATT 3b2 600G's and 600GR's during my time in
> the military.  That was my first exposure to Unix.
> Jerry
> On 03/28/15 10:53 PM, Dave McGuire wrote:
>> On 03/28/2015 11:49 PM, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>>> Sorry, I will behave now.  Back to my quiet corner.
>>> I just got all excited when started talking S/36's.  God-help-us-all if
>>> someone kicks off an ATT 3b2 discussion on the tail of this one.
>>    Have you an interest in 3B2s?  I have a /300, two /310s, and a /500.
>> One of the /310 and the /500 run, but I need to crack the root password
>> on it.
>>                 -Dave
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