[rescue] looking for IBM System/36 software

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Fri Mar 27 21:41:40 CDT 2015

One other comment Dave,

I know that you are already on the classiccmp.org list, you should post your 
question there.

On a side note, please share what you have!  Baby S/36 5364 ?  Or a full sized 
mini computer ?


On 03/27/15 04:49 PM, Dave McGuire wrote:
>    I'm looking for software on 8" floppies for the IBM System/36.
> Specifically, I'd like to find a copy of the BASIC compiler, and if
> possible, FORTRAN.
>    I realize some people may be nervous about sharing that sort of thing,
> due to the kind of company IBM is.  This is for my personal use, on my
> personally-owned System/36, for education and preservation purposes.  It
> will not be shared or duplicated without explicit permission.  Contact
> me privately or anonymously if desired.
>    This stuff is proving very difficult to find...please, if anyone here
> knows where I might locate this stuff, do let me know.
>                  Thanks,
>                  -Dave

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