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Why does you last paragraph remind me of my job in the education business?


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> On 06/22/15 16:55, bill at bdoserr.com wrote:
>> Now just a cotton pickin' minute thar!
>> When I went for my MBA (Wharton, 1973), before I could even start my
>> first semester I had to take a 2 week Fortran course.  Mandatory, not an
>> option.  Even for marketing majors (I was finance.)  I imagine they
>> require Python now.  Admittedly there are lots of schools out there
>> offering quickie MBAs; some only 1 year on weekends.  My oldest daughter
>> is about to start a 2 year, weekend only, MBA at Arizona State.  I'll be
>> interested to see what they require.
> I'll spare you the full rant about the Harvard School of Business.  I
> suspect your MBA pre-dates the bottom-line management theory.  Suffice
> it to say that MBA programs based on the Harvard School's model seem to
> turn out people who, frankly, all too commonly, are taught to plunder
> companies and destroy long-term market viability to maximize the
> short-term profit of the shareholders.  Next quarter?  That's next
> quarter's problem.  Next *year*?  That'll be somebody *else's* problem.
>> As for computer illiterate users, when I retired, I then became the
>> (volunteer) network support/sysadmin/CTO for our local professional
>> theater company for five years.  That was another world.  Fun, but I have
>> managed to purge my mind of the frustrating conversations that ensued.
> *You* volunteered and had an interest in learning.  You *wanted* to
> understand.
> I have to interact with a depressingly large number of people who not
> only do not understand, they do not WANT to understand.  They consider
> technical knowledge beneath them.  They have people for that.  They are
> *management*.  They are *executives*.  And yet they consider themselves
> qualified to make the high-level decisions that people who actually
> understand the subject will then have to somehow implement, whether it
> makes any kind of sense or not.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKorP55Aqvg
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