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Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
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On 06/22/15 16:55, bill at bdoserr.com wrote:
> Now just a cotton pickin' minute thar!
> When I went for my MBA (Wharton, 1973), before I could even start my
> first semester I had to take a 2 week Fortran course.  Mandatory, not an
> option.  Even for marketing majors (I was finance.)  I imagine they
> require Python now.  Admittedly there are lots of schools out there
> offering quickie MBAs; some only 1 year on weekends.  My oldest daughter
> is about to start a 2 year, weekend only, MBA at Arizona State.  I'll be
> interested to see what they require.

I'll spare you the full rant about the Harvard School of Business.  I
suspect your MBA pre-dates the bottom-line management theory.  Suffice
it to say that MBA programs based on the Harvard School's model seem to
turn out people who, frankly, all too commonly, are taught to plunder
companies and destroy long-term market viability to maximize the
short-term profit of the shareholders.  Next quarter?  That's next
quarter's problem.  Next *year*?  That'll be somebody *else's* problem.

> As for computer illiterate users, when I retired, I then became the
> (volunteer) network support/sysadmin/CTO for our local professional
> theater company for five years.  That was another world.  Fun, but I have
> managed to purge my mind of the frustrating conversations that ensued.

*You* volunteered and had an interest in learning.  You *wanted* to

I have to interact with a depressingly large number of people who not
only do not understand, they do not WANT to understand.  They consider
technical knowledge beneath them.  They have people for that.  They are
*management*.  They are *executives*.  And yet they consider themselves
qualified to make the high-level decisions that people who actually
understand the subject will then have to somehow implement, whether it
makes any kind of sense or not.


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