[rescue] VirtualBox anecdotes

bill at bdoserr.com bill at bdoserr.com
Mon Jun 22 15:55:43 CDT 2015

With regard to:"I know people who have relatives who honestly believe
that you cannotget Internet service unless you have a phone line and a
dial-up modem.
I know people who truly believe that the thing with the piece of glass
in the front is the computer, and the big rectangular box is just the
hard drive. Is it any surprise that people with this level of technical
ignorance, possibly aided and abetted by MBAs, honestly believe that
whatever the biggest corporation tells them is the best must be the
Now just a cotton pickin' minute thar!
When I went for my MBA (Wharton, 1973), before I could even start my
first semester I had to take a 2 week Fortran course.  Mandatory, not an
option.  Even for marketing majors (I was finance.)  I imagine they
require Python now.  Admittedly there are lots of schools out there
offering quickie MBAs; some only 1 year on weekends.  My oldest daughter
is about to start a 2 year, weekend only, MBA at Arizona State.  I'll be
interested to see what they require.
As for computer illiterate users, when I retired, I then became the
(volunteer) network support/sysadmin/CTO for our local professional
theater company for five years.  That was another world.  Fun, but I have
managed to purge my mind of the frustrating conversations that ensued.
Bill Martin

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