[rescue] VirtualBox anecdotes - was Re: A wee bit off-topic

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Sun Jun 21 20:47:53 CDT 2015

>>>> But who keeps a Windows box at home?
>>> Dude.  Everyone knows Windows is GameOS.  :)
>> Windows is a malware support system often (ab)used as a game loader.
> Several times when I have told people about the computers I have
> (more the number rather than the diversity) they ask what games I
> play, as if the only reason to have a computer is to play games.

I am reminded of someone somewhere (memory says one of the regulars
over on a classiccmp list, but that memory is fuzzy) writing of going
to a relatively mass-market store and expressing interest in buying a
computer.  The salesdroid promptly went into a spiel about how it would
keep and play music, hold photos, play games, do email and "Internet"
(meaning Web browsing)...pretty much everything, in fact, except the
one thing the person actually wanted to do with it.

That's right.  Program it.

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