[rescue] CalComp 1043CT pen plotter in need of rescuing

Barry Callahan barryc at rjlsystems.com
Sun Jun 21 15:39:41 CDT 2015

As the subject line would suggest, I've got a CalComp 1043CT pen plotter 
that needs to go.... somewhere.
We acquired it 8-9 years ago (I think) because the wife thought it'd be 
cool if she could print blueprints at home. (she has a Mechanical 
Engineering degree)

Unfortunately, life happened, and we never did anything with it. And if 
we're going to be honest, saying that the odds of getting around to 
doing anything with it in even the distant future would be slim would 
be.... charitable.

I figured I'd post it here in the hopes that someone might be interested 
in convincing me not to deliver it to the local electronics recycler.

It's big -- roughly 4' wide x 4' tall, and the base is roughly 2' deep.
I've also got a pile of sealed pens for it, and docs and (iirc) some 
software.... And if memory serves, we've also got the HPGL ROM pack.

I'll gladly post photos and answer questions if someone's interested.

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