[rescue] FS: IBM 9111-285 POWER5 Workstation (in UK)

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 01:37:15 CDT 2015


I've decided to split with my 9111-285. It would be *collect only* from 
a *UK* address (it weighs about 50kg all in) if anyone is interested.

I have 2 upgrade framebuffer/gfx cards for it (3000P and 4000P) it is 
fitted with a low end GXT145P or something IIRC. It has 5GB of RAM but 
there's space and spare RAM sticks to upgrade it to 8GB, I just never 
bothered. I have AIX 6L and 7L media for it and all the original 
diagnostic CDs and paperwork that came in the box. I even have the box 
if you really want it, although it's on a pallet ;) It's in clean, 
working condition AFAIK but has no additional licenses unlocked.

I bought this machine new-in-box about 4 years ago for not a great deal 
of money, so I'm not expecting a lot for it, I really just want to see 
it go to a good home and get some money to add to my impending house move.

Make me an offer around B#100 and you can take it if you can collect it 
from LN11 (Louth, LINCS), or if you are somewhere within 50-60 miles 
I'll deliver it for petrol money.


Mark Benson

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