[rescue] Looking for reflective metal Mouse Systems mousepad

Brendan Shanks mrpippy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 18:42:40 CDT 2015

Hey all,

I recently bought a Mac 512k that came with an bA+ Mouseb, a Mouse Systems
optical (http://www.oldmouse.com/mouse/mousesystems/aplus.shtml
<http://www.oldmouse.com/mouse/mousesystems/aplus.shtml>) that was marketed
towards the Apple IIc but also seems to work fine on the pre-ADB Macs.

Unfortunately I donbt have the special reflective metal gridded mousepad
thatbs needed, and the mouse doesnbt work without it. I know old Suns and
SGIs used these mice, does anyone have a spare mousepad or know where one
could be found?


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