[rescue] Display devices

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sat Jan 31 12:29:36 CST 2015

    Greetings all,

    I'm looking for recommendations here for displays.  Not just for
PCs, mind, but ones that would be compatible with my collection of
workstations, very few of which use the same resolutions.  So, two

1)   Can anybody recommend a decent flat-panel display that can take
   sync-on-green, not attempt rescale (i.e. display pixel-for-pixel,
   and I'm willing to deal with non-square pixels, to a point), and
   won't look like utter rubbish on non-PC sources?

2)   It it even possible to get 19" CRTs any longer?  I'd like to get
   my InterAct 32C back in running condition, and both monitors are
   close to junk (they were when new, mind, as monitors were always
   the weak link).  Any decent multi-sync will do as the hardware
   produces separate H/V sync lines in addition to RGB.  A matching
   set would be great.

    Ideas anybody?  I'm not looking for a handout, mainly pointers.


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