[rescue] Palm Device (update)

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Fri Jan 30 15:57:46 CST 2015

Ok, after a kind correction, I realized I had misquoted the model... it's
not a Palm V,

It had to be a VII or VIIx... so I got my lazy butt up and went down two
flights to stairs to where it was
and verified that it's a VIIx.

And a Sprint Treo...

I also have a keyboard (for a Palm... though not quite sure what
model...doesn't fit the Sprint or VIIx)
And a dock for another Palm.  Think it's the same as the Keyboard.

And the Xircom ethernet for a Treo.
(and believe I also have in another pile that I didn't look into yet... the
Sprint Treo phone Handspring Module)

Anybody interested?

(Drop Box Link to Pics :
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lnpr8e10blzin5x/AABJ3jl4DkvOt88COShtR_qMa?dl=0 )


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