[rescue] 3b2 Emulator

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 11:54:56 CST 2015

On 23 January 2015 at 18:49, Jochen Kunz <jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de> wrote:
> The server crashed, IIRC the VM host went down, the disk image was lost,
> there was no current backup and everything had to be recreated from
> scratch. Sh... happens. As there is a funky setup involved (The cctech
> and cctalk "lists" are two "views" of the same list.) it took a while to
> sort things out. Subscriptions got reconstructed from mail server logs.
> Alas, this didn't catch all. So I'd recommend to resubscribe.

Well, I did, just to Talk, and lo, <30min later, I just got an email
to Tech! Woohoo! I am back!

Thanks for the tips, folks. I've missed it.

I'll be back to stirring mischief and posting atheist responses to
annoy god-botherers then. ;B,)

Oh, OK, I'll try to keep that reined in...

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