[rescue] WTB: 3B2

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 23:08:24 CST 2015

On 1/22/2015 12:50 PM, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On 01/20/2015 07:16 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:
>> I got my /600 running off of a SCSI2SD board (
>> http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=SCSI2SD) fairly recently,
>> which makes it easier to keep running. (I've had terrible luck with the
>> Seagate/CDC/Imprimis Wren drives dying on me, and the UNIX installer is
>> pretty picky about what drives it will support.)  If anyone wants an image
>> of a fairly complete SysV R3.2.2 install let me know.  (Saves the time of
>> installing from floppy or rebuilding a QIC drive to do a tape install...)
>    I would very much like a copy of that, thanks!  Can you put it up
> somewhere?
>                -Dave

Sure, grab it from: 

It started as an image of a working Seagate 94171-350 (a 350MB disk) 
containing a complete AT&T System V Release 3.2.2 installation that I 
inherited with a small pile of 3B2 parts awhile back.  I cleaned up the 
personal data and other garbage off of it so it's a pretty good starting 
point, though it still has some extra software installed.  The image 
should have the root password cleared (if not it's pretty easy to go in 
and modify it with your favorite hex editor).

You can either write it out to a similar drive, or use it in a SCSI2SD 
with the device's block count limited to the size of the image.  You'll 
also want to set the SCSI2D's Vendor and Product ID to match the 
original drive, to make AT&T UNIX happy.  (I have these strings written 
down somewhere but I cannot find them... if anyone needs them I'm sure 
I'll come across them eventually...)

- Josh

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