[rescue] ADM-3a in the Bay Area

John Floren john at jfloren.net
Thu Jan 15 18:14:48 CST 2015

I'm planning to move soon and should reduce my load of computer hardware.

I have an ADM-3A. It works, but the flyback transformer makes a very
high-pitched whine which rapidly makes my eyes water and my head hurt.
Someone with the expertise and time to attempt repairs on a 40 year
old CRT could possibly fix it; I tend to avoid messing about with them
after nearly electrocuting myself in 4th grade (the teacher let me
open up an old Mac monitor and poke around, I took a bit of wire and
accidentally bridged two points and POP)

I don't want to deal with shipping, so you'll have to come pick it up
from me in Livermore.

Anyone who can trade an LK421 for use with my VT220 gets first priority :)


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