[rescue] Need AT&T 3B2/300 EPROM images to replace ones missing in my system

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Fri Jan 9 02:04:11 CST 2015

Esteemed listmembers;

I have started working on restoring a 3B2/300, and right away I've discovered
the probable cause for the machine's catatonic state. Three of the system
board EPROMs are missing.

Anybody got a /300 they can dump the EPROMs on? For some reason the AATKL ROM
(3/4) is still fitted, so technically speaking I only need images of the AATKJ
(1/4), AATKK (2/4), and AATKM (4/4) EPROMs.

I am also after a copy of the AARAM (2/2) ROM from the NI (ethernet) board. My
EPROM programmer can't get a good connection on pin 1 of that device and reads
it as all zeros. I'm pretty sure this is the reason the board isn't detected
properly (in my /400).


until further notice

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