[rescue] Wanted: 8-bit ISA CGA or EGA card

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sun Jan 4 21:20:06 CST 2015

The monitor I am using is a Zenith monitor that is supposed to be CGA/EGA
compatible. It was the monitor that was used with the machine in the
The card also has a composite connector. When I use that and connect it
to the composite input on my Dell flat panel, I get the exact same
display issues as when coming out the 9 pin monitor connector to the
Zenith - just fuzzier :-)

The machine also seems to be having floppy trouble (and no HD), otherwise
I'd fiddle with the DOS 'mode' command and see if 40/80 column or
black/white or mono mode settings make a difference.

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  Subject: Re: [rescue] Wanted: 8-bit ISA CGA or EGA card
  From: Paxton
  Date: Fri, January 02, 2015 6:53 pm
  To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>

  The offset image is something I have seen before. I don't think it is
  a bad
  card. I think it is an indication of monitor problems or
  Is it the standard IBM CGA monitor?

  I seem to remember tweaking pots inside a monitor to get the monitor
  sync correctly. However I think that I was dealing with mono monitors
  on an
  XT. It has been a long time.

  I don't think it is your cards.


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