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Fri Jan 2 09:08:51 CST 2015

Over a decade ago, I used a Wireless Game adapter to connect an Ultra 1 or
2 to my wireless home network.  It worked well -- lan cable to wireless
adapter which connected to the wireless network.

A USB wireless adapter would probably do the same today and an adapter with
the preferred chip could be purchased.  Concerning the differing speeds and
standards (a, b, g, n, ac), I have found that some N and AC wifi routers
really try to ignore B laptops and really don't like B laptops.  With a
USB, the speed and the standard of the wireless network can be matched.

As for mirroring, we always used DiskSuite successfully.


On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 12:34 AM, Robert Toegel <rjtoegel at gmail.com> wrote:

>     Since I've retired, I started getting back into my Solaris stuff that
> I've ignore for a while.  Anyway, for fun, I put Solaris 10 on an old IBM
> R52 laptop.  Got it working but I'm having a small problem.  I'd like to
> use the wifi on the laptop and I know that Solaris seems to only like the
> Atheos chipset which it doesn't have.  Can somebody point me in the
> direction of a possible source of software (hardware even) that might
> work.  The USB also acts a little inconsistent too but one problem at a
> time.
>      I'm also upgrading the drives on my Ultra80 to larger size and want to
> have one mirror the other.  I know there was a discussion of this a month
> or son ago, so I can probable fine that in the archives (I hope), just have
> to remember the date better. :)
>      For jokes I tried to fire up an old SGI O2+ but no go.  The supply was
> dead.  I had another one with broken plastic exterior.  I swapped supplies
> and all is OK. That and the drive frames on the 80, this hardware is so
> much easier to mess with than "other" machines.  Couple of minutes and it's
> done.  I've forgotten how easy it was.
>      I appreciate any pointers for the right direction.  I'm beginning to
> think I've forgotten more Solaris than I actually knew.
> Bob
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