[rescue] A little help and observations.

Robert Toegel rjtoegel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 23:34:10 CST 2015

    Since I've retired, I started getting back into my Solaris stuff that
I've ignore for a while.  Anyway, for fun, I put Solaris 10 on an old IBM
R52 laptop.  Got it working but I'm having a small problem.  I'd like to
use the wifi on the laptop and I know that Solaris seems to only like the
Atheos chipset which it doesn't have.  Can somebody point me in the
direction of a possible source of software (hardware even) that might
work.  The USB also acts a little inconsistent too but one problem at a

     I'm also upgrading the drives on my Ultra80 to larger size and want to
have one mirror the other.  I know there was a discussion of this a month
or son ago, so I can probable fine that in the archives (I hope), just have
to remember the date better. :)

     For jokes I tried to fire up an old SGI O2+ but no go.  The supply was
dead.  I had another one with broken plastic exterior.  I swapped supplies
and all is OK. That and the drive frames on the 80, this hardware is so
much easier to mess with than "other" machines.  Couple of minutes and it's
done.  I've forgotten how easy it was.

     I appreciate any pointers for the right direction.  I'm beginning to
think I've forgotten more Solaris than I actually knew.


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