[rescue] Booting an APOLLO DN300 from a HP 425? Seeking SR. 10.3.5...

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 19:12:19 CST 2015

Hi rescuers.

A friend of mine has a hp 425 machine we would like to use to boot a diskless
DN300. Does anyone have ideas on how to do this?

Our current plan is to set up Domain/OS 10.3 on the 425 system. 10.3 or 10.3.5
appears to be the last release that will run on both the 425 system and the
DN300 we are trying to netboot. (If we can netboot the DN300 from 10.4- for
instance by copying the /sau2 directories from a different version, please do
tell :D )

In order to boot the Domain/OS 10.3 stock tapes on the 68040 based 425, we
will need the PSK8 kit. (10.3 shipped before the 040 machines originally)

10.3.5 seems like it might install without the PSK if we can find media.

Does anyone have images or tapes of:

        Product Support Kit PSK8
         Boot Tape:  019376-001
        PSK8 Software: 019374-001
        PSK8 68040 Software: 019362-001

Or... A complete set of Domain/os 10.3.5?

I think we just need the Boot tape, and PSK8-68040. These probably would have
shipped with the 425 or 433.

*** Alternatively an HD image of any 68040 machine running a version of domain
< 10.4 should work.

The tapes are alluded to here: (In an old CCTALK post :-D )

Any bits or wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


- Ian

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