[rescue] Still looking for an AG10E.. and the latest on my Sparcbook adventures.

Chase Rayfield cusbrar2 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 26 19:18:26 CST 2015

Hey list its been a couple years since I mentioned it but I am still looking
for a Fujutsu AG10E or Integrix FC10E (Assuming that card even exists... I
haven't seem much evidence of it.)
Also looking for an SS1000(E) or SS2000(E) I'm located in the Charlotte, NC
USA area but don't mind a little extra for shipping as long as it is
reasonable (I found an AG10E awhile back but he wanted more for the shipping
than the card since it was in Italy or Spain I don't quite remember which.)
Also my Sparcbook 3GX is merrily running NetBSD 6 with a SCSI2SD and a 32GB
Samsung Evo SD card (You should probably prefer a sandisk ultra extreme card
though IMO). I haven't gotten around to loading Solaris or Linux but I intend
on making a custom caddy (3d printed) to allow me to cold swap the drive via
swapping the SD card. Technically I think the SCSI2SD can hot swap now so you
might just have to drop to the prom swap cards and boot. I've gotten dillo and
an mp3 player working on it so far. I plan on writing a little script to setup
an ethernet-wifi bridge but currently I just plug it directly into my router
via "EtherTwist" ;-)

Also if anyone has a schematic/pinout of the 128Mb ram upgrade for the
Sparcbook 3GX I'd be much obliged. I currently have 64MB in it but 128Mb would
be very nice.


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