[rescue] Display devices

Barry Callahan barryc at rjlsystems.com
Wed Feb 11 08:15:13 CST 2015

I just realized that I missed this when it came through, originally.

On 1/31/2015 1:29 PM, Carl R. Friend wrote:
>    Greetings all,
> 1)   Can anybody recommend a decent flat-panel display that can take
>   sync-on-green, not attempt rescale (i.e. display pixel-for-pixel,
>   and I'm willing to deal with non-square pixels, to a point), and
>   won't look like utter rubbish on non-PC sources?

We were using LCDs from Envision with Sun workstations -- Ultra2s, 
Ultra60s, and Blade2ks. The models we used were EN9410E and H190L. Both 
were VGA-only, but they worked out of the box with a 13W3->VGA adapter.

> 2)   It it even possible to get 19" CRTs any longer?  I'd like to get
>   my InterAct 32C back in running condition, and both monitors are
>   close to junk (they were when new, mind, as monitors were always
>   the weak link).  Any decent multi-sync will do as the hardware
>   produces separate H/V sync lines in addition to RGB.  A matching
>   set would be great.
>    Ideas anybody?  I'm not looking for a handout, mainly pointers.

New? It's nigh impossible. I won't go so far as to say that nobody makes 
them anymore, but very few of my standard go-to "parts-shopping" sites 
list any, except for used/refurb units.

I regularly see CRT monitors in the thrift stores in the area. I'd also 
suggest checking out any small, non-chain, mom&pop computer stores, and 
if there's an electronics recycler in the area, give them a call. Also, 
the local Craigslist site generally has quite a few people hoping that 
someone will take their old CRTs and maybe get more use out of them 
instead of having to recycle them.

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