[rescue] RPi vs SS20 benchmarks (interesting)

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Wed Dec 30 15:13:24 CST 2015

On 12/30/15 01:09 PM, microcode at zoho.com wrote:

> I don't like to second guess Jerry since he is usually (always?) right on
> the money when it comes to Solaris but AFAIK S11 Express was discontinued
> right affter S11 went live and S11 Express was promptly pulled from Oracle's
> servers (as in there is no source to download it from). S11 pulled out all
> the sun4u support that S11 still had. In the very first release of S11...
> When you say updates- I guess you meant updates _at that time_? Again AFAIK
> it is not possible to update S11 Express with any of the S11 updates.

You are absolutely correct regarding Solaris 11 Express being discontinued once 
Solaris 11 was released, but I'm not reading it as "second guessing" me.

And also correct concerning Oracle promptly pulling it.

I had an archived copy of Solaris 11 Express, and I needed to use that about a 
year ago.  I either lost or misplaced it, and I ended up having to go find a 
copy out on the Internet at large.

If you go out looking for S11Express, please note, its not enough to just grab 
the CD sized ISO, you will also want the S11Express repository, which is DVD sized.

Also, +1 on your comments about updates.  Solaris 11 updates aren't going to 
directly install on Solaris 11 Express, at least directly.  but that is another 

Just a final note, reiterating any crazy things I do with Solaris 11 Express in 
on my own personal equipment and is not directly exposed to the Internet at large.

That said, a comment regarding vendor supplied application packages.  Small 
ones, in my experience, are fine, i.e. gmake, gawk, flex, etc.  Larger vendor 
supplied applications, OTOH, are a completely different issue, and I would never 
voluntary use a vendor supplied Apache httpd server, sendmail, PROFTPD, BIND DNS 
server, etc.  And not solely due to security concerns.

But, in addition to security concerns, no vendor is going to compile in all the 
back end database compatibility I need for my sendmail binary.  No vendor is 
going to compile BIND, or my FTP server or Apache httpd with the command line 
configurations I need, but exclude the ones I don't to keep binary sizes as 
small as practical.

One off personal stuff, yes, I compile w/customizations and install.  At $WORK, 
compile w/customizations, create package(s), then distribute said package(s) out 
to the tier of servers and package install.

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