[rescue] RPi vs SS20 benchmarks (interesting)

Mike Spooner mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 03:27:41 CST 2015

The article concerned is not just comparing hardware: it is also comparing
C compilers with a 20-year age difference.
The UnixBench "base index score" (SS20=10.0) was not generated with gcc
5.x. More like gcc 2.7, or perhaps its' contemporary SunPro C 3.0.

That fact will somewhat artificially inflate the RPi relative score.

I'm sorely tempted to run UnixBench on my SS10 model 60, using a more
modern C compiler, to see how much above 10.0
it rates (bearing in mind that the SS10 has a 20% slower memory-bus than
the "reference" SS20 - I bet it still will beat that old reference score,
by a margin)...

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