[rescue] RPi vs SS20 benchmarks (interesting)

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Dec 27 19:13:45 CST 2015

>> Shame modern Linux is so bloaty that it doesn't *feel* fast. Makes me
>> wish there was a native BeOS port...
> I think it depends a lot on the distribution.  Windows-alike
> desktop-oriented minimal-learning-curve-out-of-the-box distributions
> like Ubuntu tend to be bloated and sluggish, yes.  A hand-tunable
> distribution like Gentoo or Slackware can be blazingly fast by
> comparison, but there si stil;l so much more going on in the background
> that it's never going to feel total-aggregate-clock-speed faster than an
> early Unix workstation running what, by the standards of most modern
> Unices, is a minimal stripped-down barebones Unix.
> Now, take modern hardware and put, say, OpenBSD on it, and you may come
> close.
I agree. Slackware is one of the better ones; it's my choice. Most of 
the processes that surprise me are from the window manager (yes, I use 
KDE), but there's more control there, at least I think so.

The bloat is not so much linux, but the distribution and the window manager.


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